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How to delete breakpoint?



I thought it was a cool way to add them. Now it just bothers me, because you always make edits in the wrong breakpoint and then they are not applied globally.

Need a solution too!!


Hi - welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

Those break points are new to webflow, just arrived… don’t delete!
Anyway, if you don’t touch them They will not affect your project - Read webflow blog post (include video clip) about this new feature.

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If I remember correctly, you can ALT+click them to reset all styles (and make them dissapear?). Let us know if that works!

Edit: see screenshot below. Can’t delete breakpoints once created.


tried not working!!!

You’re right:


I need to delete them and not create new ones

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What do you mean delete them? It clearly states that they cannot be removed from your project once created. If you’ve already created a breakpoint, you’ll have to start over. If you haven’t already created the breakpoint, then simply don’t click it.

If you haven’t made any significant changes, you can restore a backup from before you added them.

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@jmkriz bringing home the bacon today… Clever!

You cannot delete a breakpoint. Likely we will see an update soon that will add this possibility but for now you are stuck with it or you will have to restore an old backup like @jmkriz suggested.


Agree, should be an easy way to remove.


It worked!

I accoutered the same issue –– option clickin’ the BLUE styles set them free.

Thanx for the tip!


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I have a question… I wrong beacuse i worked on 1280 breakpoint and now when i scale in the other device lost style of element. Can i use the 1280 breakpoint style for general?
If i want delete 1280 breakpoint from this project?

This is my project:



you cannot delete a breakpoint.

you cannot

It is sort of weird to me that you can’t just delete the larger breakpoints though after they’ve been created. I know it explicitly states this in the prompt, but it’s just weird.

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That’s just how the feature works currently. It’s relatively new and they’ve mentioned they’re working on custom breakpoints so I’d imagine until that’s released we’ll need to deal with lingering breakpoints—even if you’re not using them.

That said, as long as you’re not overwriting styles on this newly created breakpoint, or you remove any styles that may have already been overwritten, your site will react the exact same way it would if the breakpoint wasn’t there.

I also need this… its just a bother sofar

I’m still trying to figure out why those additional breakpoints would be needed. Everytime I’ve added them I almost immediately regretted it.

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You should only be using these if you’d like to adjust the way your site looks on screens 1280px and up. They work just like every other breakpoint with the only difference being that changes cascade up, away from your base breakpoint (the one with the star icon).

Personally I don’t find myself adding them as often as I originally thought I would when they were introduced, but they can give you a bit more design control as opposed to using min/max widths or relative units.