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Copy and paste from one project to another without adding breakpoints?

Is there a way to copy and paste from one project to another, but you don’t add the other projects extra breakpoints (if they have some)?

Short story long, I have one project with a bunch of assets. It has 2 extra breakpoints for larger screens; one was on purpose the other was because I hit something and didn’t realize.

I want to start a new project and want to transfer over my menu/a few animations, but copying and pasting adds the breakpoints.

Also, it is really dumb that you can’t delete them.

Hey @Jake_Arredondo , there is no way to delete the breakpoints via Webflow natively. However, @Finsweet released a Chrome Extension that allows you to delete the unnecessary breakpoints.

Oh that might work, thanks! Any clue if you can just avoid pasting the extra breakpoints?

It would stop the problem from happening before it even starts.

Since there is no switch or keystroke combo I would say that’s a no.