How to delete breakpoint?

Is there any logic behind that we can’t remove the breakpoint?

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Now we can to delete breakpoints with a Magic Finsweet Extension:raised_hands:


Thank you so much for this. This worked like a charm :sparkles:

Found a solution! You can use this extension by Finsweet


it still affects the project, it forces a different layout on a screen size that I do not intend to have

this worked for me. thanks. nice tool

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Thank you very much! You do not believe how much trouble has saved me this tip! Thank you for sharing this with us :pray:

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These tools awesome, thank you @Finsweet!

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I love you. I love you. I love you. Oh my GOD I love you SO MUCH.

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Is there an update on this?
By copying a component from another webflow project I also imported a new breakpoint and I need to delete it. Undoing was not possible.

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you can remove the breakpoints with a chrome extension called “Finsweet for webflow”

Here’s a link:

once you’ve installed the extension, head to your webflow website and refresh it. You’ll see a new icon on the left that looks like “F+”, go to > breakpoints > “wait for it to sync” > it’ll show you the breakpoints >pick the ones you want to delete and that’s it.

wow wow wow. I’ve been dealing with this issue for over a year and never had a solution. Thank you so much to the person who created this extensions!!! :))