Breakpoint, no way to full reset? No way to check list of styles to see what's changed?

Is there really no way to reset an entire breakpoint back to it’s default styles from the main breakpoint? If not, is there anyway to see a list of styles that have changed from one breakpoint to the next, so that you can quickly go through and switch them back?

Or do you really need to dig down into each style on the breakpoint through every div, slowly checking each attribute to see if any have been changed?

Hi there!

With the Finsweet browser extension you can remove breakpoints if you like. As far as i know, there isn’t a way to view all changes made to a breakpoint.

Thanks! With this method, will I be able to essentially remove the breakpoint and then add it back in so that it clears out all changed styles?

Yes It can! Let me know if you get stuck.