How to delete an image from the CMS

Hi! I want to delete an image from the CMS and I’m only allowed to replace it. Is there a way of actually deleting this image?

Here’s a loom video showing what I want to delete

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mmosse,
welcome to the forum. For this you will need to access the webflow designer and delete the image field. Do you have designed the site? Or do you have access to it?
Currently you are trying to replace it in the editor.


Hi Maxi, thanks for your reply! I have full access to the Webflow account and as you mention I was trying to replace it from the editor. Do you have any tutorial on how to access the Webflow designer?

Thanks a lot!

Just access
And click on your project.
Hope it is .com if that doesn’t work try .io


You show us that you are in the Editor, where you can edit stuff, not really edit their properties.

You can delete this image in the Designer.

Or you can craft a transparent image and change yours to it. But that’s a bit dirty.