Is there an easy way to change an image in a blog post without having to delete everything in the rich text section?

Hi everyone,

I created a blog post with many photos and text. I’d like to change out a photo but it seems that I have to delete all my other text and photos to change out one photo in the rich text area. Is there an easier way to do this?

Not sure if you can view blogs in read only, but here is the link:Webflow - Diego

Just click the image and then hit your DEL key.
Then create a blank line and you’ll be able to insert your new image.

There isn’t a “replace” option per-se.

If you’re editing a static ( not CMS-bound ) rich text element in the designer canvas view, I believe you must first double-click the rich text element and then click the image sub-element to select that sub-element specifically.

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Yea, it’s not very intuitive, but…

Just highlight your image and tap the delete button on your keyboard:

Save the CMS item and you’re good to go :+1:

thank you!!! so so helpful!!

thank you!! this works perfectly