Using the Editor to Delete Images


I had a question in regards to the Editor.

Is it possible for a client to delete images in the Editor on Webflow? For example, here’s my share link—scroll to the first split screen section with a quote. (Image attached below.)

Would it be possible in any way (without accessing the Designer) for a client to delete the social icons on the left hand side of the screen? Ideally via the Editor, but I’m open to anything.

So, for example, if they only needed the Instagram and Youtube logos, they could simply delete the last logo (Soundcloud.)

Thanks in advance!

Yes and no.

They can’t go select the element and delete it.

But with the Editor, they can make use of the CMS features you can plan for them.

For example, define a social media collection in the CMS. Either a real collection where they’ll add their social media: links and icons. Then any newtork added appears.

Or you can set a collection with only 1 item, with networks and icons already set in as many fields needed (for each: name, icon, links), and just room for the links. Now you can setup the list of social media to only display items when their links have been defined (“Link is Set”), using conditional visibility. You can even set the visibility of the last separator the same way so it always degrades nicely.

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Thanks, Vincent!

I actually think your solution via the CMS that would be perfect. I’m not super familiar with the Webflow CMS yet, but I’m working on getting more used to using it.

I think I understand your solution though. I’m going to try it out soon and see if I can make any progress. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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You can also add a toggle field to each social media and set the visibility of each to it.

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Hey @vincent – never got a chance to say thanks! Your solution worked perfectly for me, and helped me actually learn Webflow’s CMS. Appreciate the lesson. :slight_smile:

If I could ask one follow-up question, can you let me know if I’m using Webflow Colllections and Collection Lists correctly? I feel like there’s a simpler way to achieve what I’m trying to accomplish, but I keep bumping up against Webflow’s limit of 20 collection lists per page.

Essentially, on the homepage, I’d like the website to be able to pull the name, quote, talent, and social platform that each individual has from the Excel file that I have uploaded as a Collection. Each 100VH x 100VW section pulls from the collection, but I may be doing it incorrectly, as I’m definitely hitting the 20 collection list limit in Webflow and I feel like Webflow should be able to handle much more than that.

Here’s my updated share link. Thanks again for all the help!

Very nice of you to come back for feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t really get how your homepage works… Seems you’re using one collection list per cell, where you should be using one collection list for the whole or at least by group (01 02 03…).

Understandably so—I accidentally made it a little hard to track what’s going on and provided very little context.

This website is intended to work in a non-traditional sense for a non-profit’s Open Mic event for students: it won’t necessarily be used as a website, but rather a presentation-style website that goes up onto a projector. (Essentially, it’s more visually appealing than a PPT, and with forced scroll and the ability to make browsers go full-screen, it can easily take the full width and height of a projector screen… hence the reason it’s pretty non-traditional.)

The website’s purpose is to showcase the who’s coming on stage, who’s going to be coming up next, and showing the quote and talent of each performer while they’re on stage.

The homepage that you saw ideally would work with two main repeating sections:

  • Section 1 (100vh/vw): Two side-by-side images (50vw each) that show who’s about to come on stage, and who’s coming up next.

  • Section 2 (100vh/vw): Two side-by-side blocks - one which displays performer information and one which displays the performer’s image and quote.

These two sections would loop for however many performers there are per night. (Max 40)

I know Webflow might not (and is probably not) be the best platform for this, but I wanted to try it out nonetheless.

I think I discovered a solution to my issue, as I was using collection lists incorrectly: Confused on Collection Lists

Hopefully that provided background on how the homepage works.

Thanks so much again for all the help so far and being active on the forums — it’s incredibly appreciated!