How to convert JPG to PDF

I want to make a online tool website, So for that I am wondering Is there any way to convert JPEG to PDF and vise versa through webflow?

You can convert your jpg to pdf throught adove illustrator

No I didn’t mean that there are other software too which will convert this,
I simply mean that is it possible to make a website in Webflow that convert a JPG to PDF ?

you mean online conversion service like this?

I believe you can create something like that in WF with use of JS and some library/ies API

Yes that what I am looking for.
Do you know any library which can do it?

Hi @S_A_L_A_R There is a many API’s that can do this kind of the job, some are free and some are paid. The best will be to use your favourite browser search engine and look for keywords jpg to pdf convert js that will give you lots of results to choose from. :wink:

Great, thanks a lot man. Highly Appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.