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Is it possible to setup a pdf viewer?

hey Guys,

I want to set up a website for a job application.
Now to show my recent made work I want to implement a PDF viewer (no download)
Is there a possibility for that?
Or does anyone of you have a better Idea?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi, there is no PDF viewer/embed in the native Webflow widget library yet, except maybe doing something with custom html and using an HTML embed widget, however, you can embed PDF using some javascript added to your site, here is one solution:

This would require a little code to be placed in your Custom Code section of the Site Settings, you just need to follow the instruction from that code.

There is also a nifty code generator for this one…

I hope that helps you with some options to show PDF files embedded on the page.


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@cyberdave that’s a nice tool!

Try Notable PDF

iOS / Safari does not support inline PDF’s.

Is there a solution for iOS devices ?

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