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Downloadable PDF forms

Is there anyway to do PDF dowlnoadable forms on webflow?

You can’t make PDF forms with webflow. You can, however, use Adobe Acrobat to build the PDF form, host it on a cloud service like Dropbox and just put the link in your webflow site.

If you use PHP… you can process the form on the server and create a downloadable pdf file

  • or at minimum… an auto “email-able” pdf file.

I actually built tool this a few years ago for the US Department of Education / Student Loan Division.

Obviously, it requires

    1. the ability to export (to get the design out),
    1. your own server (to host it),
    1. and you must know php (to build it).

It’s very “doable”… if you can get past the above list.

However, I think I’ve seen other people make this tool also.

So you might be able to skip step 3 above if you don’t know php.

+1 on @collut - can create using InDesign, Acrobat, Word etc, export that file as a requried format (PDF) and then host it on Dropbox (or your website server) and then copy and paste the public link (in the case of Dropbox “share public link”) into the link field in Webflow.

A little tip I saw, in terms of download from Dropbox, you can change the end of the copied link from “…dl=0” to “…dl=1” and it’ll ‘force’ download to a computer instead of viewing it via Dropbox online. May or may not help! Hopefully does.

Oh, I didn’t know you could do that! That’s pretty cool, thanks for the tip!


Too Cool thanks a lot @domin8tor

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