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Site won't import PDF file

I am trying to change a pdf file on the site

However, it won’t load up at all, can anyone help please? I tried to attached the pdf but can’t. All I can tell you is that I have just downloaded the newest version of Adobe PDF reader.

Hey, I need some kind of help from all of you guys. I need a reliable converter to convert some of my files PDF to JPG format. Though I found few sources already but didn’t try them yet. Here they are:

Can I try one if it? Please let me know.

Hello Roxanne,

I’m a little confused on what the exact problem is, I took a look at the PDF and it loaded up fine without any issues. When a user clicks the pdf link do want the pdf:
to open in a tab? or to download automatically on same page?

@Randy88 ,

For that, I use