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Convert Webflow Page to PDF?

Is there any way to take a screenshot of the page on click and convert the page to a downloadable PDF?

Do any of these make sense?

Hey @cjroe, you want this as an option for you site correct ?
You don’t just want to screenshot your entire site to show a client or something ?

I always use this:

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I was going to mention a chrome extension to take the full page, then open it in Acrobat and save as PDF, or better, Cmd+P the image and save as pdf.

If you cmd+p the page itself it will generate a printer friendly pdf which I’m sure you’re not looking for.

Thanks for the responses guys. The thing is I’m looking for a screenshot of the mobile version. So the screen would be smaller. Ideally I was hoping to just add the URL into a text field and download that screen as a PDF.

I could use the screenshot chrome extension though.

Does it work for mobile too?

Hello, cjroe,
I haven’t use these two programs, I have used another tool named Deli PDF Converter, I think this tool is very good to use, maybe you can also have a try.