How to convert a webflow animation to video format?


I have a simple photo slideshow made with webflow with some nice animations.

I now need to publish it as a video on my youtube channel.

Screen recording with camtasia gives me staggered animations.

So I wondered if/how I could convert an html5 presentation/slideshow to a video format like .mp4 ready to upload to youtube ?


As for the screen recoders, Camtasia isn’t the only program that exist. That said, it should give you good results with the appropriate settings (high frame rate, minimum 25fps, better with 30) and also a capable computer (Screen recorders require power). Scfeenflow has excellent results too. One of the best is… Quicktime, out of the box.

Just FYI, there are programs who are doing HTML animation and export to video and gif, like Tumult Hype, with excellent results. It probably doesn’t help in your case.

Merci Vincent :smile:
very useful answer : part of the problem probably lies in the computer power.

Just read Tumult Hype documentation, and it allows export in mp4; I’ll have a try to see if I can use the export function on my files.

Thanks for the help.


Try Digiber converter.

I don’t know if it work for you, but I always use it to handles my video conversions, happy with the results.

My go-to solution for screen recording is by using this free screen recorder, it can record any screen activity in different video formats and GIF. Guess that it would be a great help.

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