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How to Make Showcase Thumbnail Video?

Sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I can’t seem to figure out, or find how to make the thumbnail image of your Showcased page a video (or look like a video).

i.e. if you go here: You can see several of the thumbnails appear to illustrate scrolling or interactions on the page, but the default option is static.

I looked at Awesome Screenshot, but it wasn’t really clear how to do it.

Any advice or is there a demo how to do this somewhere?


They use to create animated gifs that play on that page, from what I can tell. Does that answer your question?

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Thanks @Ozone. That took care of half the problem. I was able to record the screen with Quicktime and finish in ezgif. Thanks!

Hey guys, I’m having the same problem. Did anyone figure this out yet? Thanks

Hey Lukas! If you use Quicktime to (video) screen capture your browser window(you’ll need to google this since I’ve forgotten myself), you can then take that video and upload it to ezgifcom. It allows you to process it in many ways to get the file size down. Keep the video short and sweet and it should work fine. Good luck!

Hey Robert, thanks for getting back to me. That’s exactly what I did but it just doesnt seem to play in the thumbnail. The gif works though : (2)

Yeah…I’m not sure. Make sure it’s the correct format and small enough (file size-wise). Good luck.

Hi All, I have extensive experience with creating GIFs that make perfect thumbnails and include video footage. I use the Adobe CC to create with Photoshops timeline. Please message me or RE if you would like to learn more… (not absolutely certain what you’re looking for, but sounded like GIFs would do the job)