Review of EasyHTML5Video generator app: it's very good!

You like HTML5 Videos and video backgrounds, but you find tedious the process of producing all the video formats? Well, we all do.

For weeks I’m looking for a good software to produce good quality video version from an uncompressed source, as well as the complete code including the <poster> element.

I’ve been testing EasyHTML5Video app today and I think it’s a very good app for that. On top of doing what I was looking for, it does Flash, MP4 low versions of the video, let you upload a poster image, let you chose the dimensions and quality of the compressed video, let you add controls on the video player, gives you visual clues of browser/mobile OS compatibility, set a title, watermark with your own text.

It exports to the hard drive but can also: export to your site’s FTP server, where you want, and can even add the code to your HTML page, locally, adding the files as resources inside the site and linking everything well…

It’s only $60 and the free version has a ridiculously small watermark on a corner and allows for use on any non commercial website.

After my first test, I find the quality and compression good. To get this quality on only one version, I have to make many, many attemps with my current tools. The app just did a .ogg 720p version of 40mo for 2mn, quite nice. (settings on High)

I am not afiliated with the developers of this app, I’m just sharing what I think is very good and took me a while to identify. (:

I will update with further screenshots of tests when I find the best settings and to tell you if I finally purchase it. Edit: I’m buying it.

Bonus, a free HTML5 code generator, quite complete. using JS not using JS



The medium settings are very good as well:

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Low settings, not disappointed.

I’m buying this software!

how can i use it with webflow?

To use HTML5 video with Webflow, you need to:

  1. create the various video formats needed to address all browsers and OS: MP4, M4V, OGG and Webm
  2. produce the HTML code needed to declare the video and the poster image (image used in case the videos are not found)
  3. host the video and poster file (on a server, on dropbox…)
  4. paste the code in a HTML Widget in Webflow.

So yes it’s custom code, but the cool thing is it works right in the designer and preview. No need to publish to see your result. You can use it as normal video, with controls, or as background video as you ca see here for example:

I’d love to use HTML5 for video, but it just seems overly complicated. I’ll stick with Vimeo.

If you need a video to just play, in a player, oh yes you’re right no need to do all this work, and if you can cope with a Youtube of Vimeo branding on your video, just go for it. You can even pay a bit for Vimeo videos not to be branded.

But there are usages for what HTML5 videos are required, such as autoplay+loop background videos. You can find a lot of javascript things to play youtube videos in the background but it will likely never work for mobile.

Also, sometimes, there is no way to convince a client that putting his videos on Youtube is a good thing. Then you gotta respect their views about it. And let’s mention impossibilities: for example, I recently licenced a known hip hop song for a video soundtrack. So I own the rights, but Youtube won’t let me prove that to them and kicks my video out everytime. For another video with again, licenced music, Youtube puts ads on it and block it on certain geographic zones, and occasionally blocks embeds… These last issues you’re not likely to get on Vimeo (not likely… but it will happen at times).

Note that you can also use a vimeo api direct url to use a vimeo video (mp4) as an HTML5 video source… so possible with video backgrounds and so on, and you benefit from the great streaming vimeo infrastructure, meaning you can likely link huge videos and they will always stream perfectly.

The site sample is amazing and makes me want to burry myself in this system and really get into it. Thanks