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Webflow support - what app do you use to make your videos?

I love that you guys make short clips to show how to solve issues. What program do you guys use to do that?

I’m not Webflow support but I use this ( app to make screencasts. It’s a mac app, very efficient. I’d recommend it.

Not tech support either…

I use Quick Cast… available Free in the Apple app store. (main sales site)

UseTapes is here: (main sales site)

both seem to have the same exact features.

I know quickcast supports multiple screens and audio.

I think would usetapes does as well.

best solution for Windows users??

Switch to MAC :D

I’ve used Camtasia Studio back on Windows, but it’s videos were very big… On MAC I’m using QuickCast mentioned above.

We use

Ok in my humble opinion, I prefer Camtasia Studio for Mac (read camtastia for windows for you windows users) for videos longer than 3 minutes. Quickcast is great for shorter videos, and Tapes is good too for short videos as well but require MAC.

Post processing, after a video is completed, I use Miro Video Converter for mac for production training videos, and I use Quickcast or Tapes for short explanatory videos for specific customers.

Screenshots I use Cloudapp (and for short animated gif, with no sound) or I use Little Snapper for mac for screenshots in normal case, where I want to markup, there are so many good screenshot tools though, many of them with great features, so it is not as critical for me…

I am no video engineer, so I like Camtasia for ease of use…

I also use Sketch for quick vector images and transformations and I really like Fluid Mask for creating transparent images very quickly. I use Fluid Mask a lot, it is a great tool specifically for creating transparent images…so it is fast, and that is what I look for in any tool… good result, short time to complete project. :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Thanks guys! Lots of useful, helpful information!