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Converting mp4 to Json or GIF

Hi Folks. Just wondered if anyone knew how to convert mp4 to Json or GIF? There are a few online websites but don’t seem to convert. Its in order to keep the files transparency for a project.

I managed to convert into Json Code. But still learning and not sure how to take this and actually put it onto a Json File for Webflow.

Thanks in advance.

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MP4 and JSON are two completely separate things. You can’t convert MP4 to JSON as JSON is a file format that contains objects in a structure.

In your example you’ve converted …something to BASE64, which is used for images. I guess it’s the first frame of the video.

MP4 does not support transparency.

You’re going to need to convert to GIF using proprietary software, however I really do not recommend it as GIFs are extremely large. Just a few seconds of video is possibly tens of megabytes.

Why not just insert the video? Webflow does this for you and converts it to the appropriate formats.

Hi Fonsume. Thanks for your reply.

I did think that was the case. I just started researching and it came up with some online converters. Thats very helpful knowing all of this. It’s a simple cartoon style animation created on Adobe illustrator from a client I think. It’s around 5 seconds long.

I will try for GIF. It seems to loose transparency when I insert as video. Unless I ask client to do on white background. They confirmed it was transparent but I know entering a video on webflow this can’t be transparent.

Appreciate you help.


It would need to be exported as a GIF with transparency straight from the ones making the video.

Or I guess you could have them export it with a specific color as the background, then mask it out frame by frame afterwards.

Thanks Fonsume. He did say their was transparency already there so I’ll try GIF first. If not reach back to the client.

Thanks for all the information for future reference as well. Appreciate you taking the time.