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How to forward form submission data to email?

Hi there,
I’m in the process of creating automated emails once a website visitor submits my native webflow form. What email marketing platform could accomplish this while also forwarding form submission data into the email? I’m open to using Zapier along with any email platform. Thanks!

I use either Integromat (free tier) or the paid Zapier tier to successfully do this with native Webflow forms.

Zapier has a built-in transactional email service (it’s limited, but works to some extent). So trigger a Zapier zap on Webflow form submission and hook in their “Email by Zapier” zap.

With Integromat, you can use their free tier. Again, trigger a module off of a Webflow form submit. From here, I tap into CampaignMonitor ($9/month) to send transactional emails (along with adding subscribers, automated email journey’s, etc…)

Both solutions allow me to take the form submission data and add it to the email being sent.

Hey there :wave: just wanted to follow up as I ended up creating a quick screencast walking through how to do exactly this.

Let me know if this helps: