Collecting form submissions on exported sites

Dear Pro-Designer

Since May 25th, form on exported sites don’t work anymore. (Im reallising this really late i know) xD
Webflow shows a solution for this. as seen here:

But since im dumb, (and english is not my native) i don’t know how to fix this.

«Step 1 — Copy the form action URL
In most cases, your form provider will provide a custom POST URL that they’ll tell you to paste as the “action” attribute.»
…Isnt webflow my formprovider? So where do i find those information i need to fill in the action field?

Is there a how to video tutorial somewhere? I love webflow and i want to keep using it. But this totally freaks me out since it looks like a really easy way to handle but i just dont get it…

thank you so much.
Greetings from switzerland

Here is my site Read-Only: