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How to capture data on page and put in form


Do you know how to take data from a page and have it auto fill into a form field, so that it submits that data when the form is submitted?

I think I am super close, but just can’t get it.

Would super appreciate the help!

Here is the read only link:

The form is on the Leasingbiler template (cms collection page). I am trying to capture the modell information (modell tekst).


Howdy :wave: I couldn’t tell which form and which data you’re referring to from your read-only link. Could you describe in a bit more detail “what data from a page” you’re referring to? Also, is this data stored in your CMS?

Hi :slight_smile:

It is on the cms collection page, titled Leasingbiler template.

The form is the same on each of those template pages.

The form is labeled “Bil” and is on the right side of the page.

Trying to capture the Modell information that matches the information on that page. For example for Audi Etron 50, I am trying to capture “E-tron 50 advanced business”. For BMW X3, I am trying to capture “BMW X3 30e XDrive”. Etc.

And, yes, the data is stored in the CMS.

Thank you!!!


Hi @PixelPanda :wave:, interestingly I just created a screencast going over just this. I believe it will answer your question and give you the ability to solve your problem:

Let me know if this helps or if I can answer any question…