How to take data from form inputs and auto update graphs/cards

I’ve created a form that I have our sales team fill out whenever they collect a warm lead.

The form collects some basic information on the customer and then is emailed to a different department within our company.

I’m currently trying to make a dashboard page for our sales team that tracks the number of form submissions (weekly & Monthly) as well as display the dollar figure that was inputed into the form so we can easily see the value of each lead and the total value of the pipeline.

My form consists of over 20 input fields but I only need to pull data from one of those inputs (dollar amount) to display on a graph and card.

I’ve looked for days trying to find a video on this but haven’t had any luck.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the dashboard page as well as the form page and circled which form input I’m trying to pull data from and where I’m trying to display it on the dashboard page.

If anyone has experience with something like this and could help me that would be much appreciated.

Webflow doesn’t offer any tools for analyzing data, running totals, etc, so you’ll need to roll your own.

OPTION 1 - Wized
Use Wized. It offers some good programming and UI tools on top of a hosted Webflow site that should allow you to build these views.

OPTION 2 - Custom javascript
If your form post data is going to an automation webhook, you can stored your tracked values in e.g. a Google sheet. There are then methods to query that and return just the data ( or summary totals ) you need in realtime. You can pull these via CSV or JSON, parse it and push it into your page. Chart.js is what I usually use for graphs.

I’ll go ahead and give that a try, thank you for your help!