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Connecting CMS template page to a form

Hi Webflowers,

I’m looking to have a button on a CMS page carry data to a form.

Right now, my CTA for all 35 products link to the same contact page where users have to then select the product again. The problem is users have to re-type in the product in the general contact form.

What I’m looking to do is either a) pre-populate the contact form based on where they just came from (eg”) or b) have a specific form specific of the product CMS template. Is there a way to do this?

This approach only worked for one product and I need it to be tied to each CMS product: How? Button Click to go to new page (containing Form) and select appropriate Checkbox within Form

Here is my public share link:
Click on “Get Estimate” - then see the input filed “WHICH MODULAR HOME(S) ARE YOU INTERESTED IN?”

This is doable. You pass a hidden cms reference with the form. Did you search the forum. I think someone even did a vid somewhere.

Thanks and yes, I did see the video ( but I couldn’t figure out how to do it on template pages in the CMS.

Hi @caleb, Sorry mate been off grid. Hey so I have to set up similar this week. Others have posted good tips recently.

Or for a dropdown use case

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That’s so perfect ! Thanks !

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