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How to buy template and send it to another account to own

Hi, here is what I’m trying to get done.

I have my own account [ Professional plan ] BUT… one of the agencies I work for just told me to bill them for plan, and I have my own personal projects on there also…

My obejctive: is to BUY a template on my own credit card [ and not on the clients CC ] so I"m thinking there could be two ways to accomplish this.

  1. Create a new free account, buy the template and then transfer it over to my professional account, is this possible? If so, is there anything I need to know, or additional charges or hiccups I will encounter?
    *Note: I’d want the features that come with exporting the site in a professional plan, otherwise I could keep this paid template in this free account.


  1. Go into billing and add a second credit card [ Can I do this @vincent - sorry, had to ask you as you know it all :wink: thxs for always helping! ] buy the template with my cc’ and then add the clients one back in? I think the only real danger will be if I try to do this on the day that I get the monthly bill and for some reason, it gets linked to my cc.

I know there is client billing, but that is for hosting only right. I’m the client, and I just want to buy a template and have webflow bill me and not the cc on the account which is one of the agencies i work for.

Anyone else ever try this or have the need to do this?

Pls help, thanks

interesting use case. Lets continue this conversation on your support ticket.

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I am very curious about this