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Buying a template for a customer - simpel way for this?

Hi all! I have a question for you all. I been creating a couple of sites with web flow, some of them based on purchased templates. The only thing I find I bit difficult is that I need to tell the customer to sign up his account and then buy the template from his account, from his credit card. Most of the time they really don’t have time for these things.

From what I understand there is no way for me to buy the template in my account, create the page. Then transfer the whole website to him? In that case he needs to buy it again, which means we have to buy it twice? :slight_smile:

This is really annoying process. Is there another way to make this simpel? How do u guys solve this?

Not sure… but I think with a PRO account you will be able to transfer a project to your customer:



Do you need your clients to have the website on their own account? Is that because you don’t want to deal with any management that might occur?

You could just charge your client extra to cover the cost of the template on that initial invoice? and then you could buy the template, and host the site on your account, billing them for hosting via webflows client billing.

If you really need the site on their account, you should create an account for your client, and pay for the template yourself on this account (remember you invoiced them extra). I’d consider it a bit unprofessional to ask your client to pay for this template or set this up. You can just charge them and do this yourself, either with your account or theirs depending on what you need! Just don’t start any work or buy a template until you receive your % deposit.

Finally, you can transfer to another account, however you would both require pro accounts and it would likely be an unreasonable expense!

Hope that helps

Well there is another problem. Using client billing makes the monthly cost even more expensive for the client. This is a problem I deal with every time. I am based in Sweden. Every now and then I deal with the problem that the hosting at Webflow is in many situations far more expense than traditional web hosting. Many time I have to really defend this extra cost and to make them move from one web hosting to Webflow and on top of that pay more per month. And if they don’t do that they will miss the CMS option. That can make a bit a problem sometimes. Doing like your suggestion will add on even more cost. For a large customer that would not be a problem at all, but for small…Just my opinion.

How does client billing make it more expensive? You can charge the client the exact cost of hosting? Or more :slight_smile:

I understand your concerns with the cost, but I feel its relatively easy to sell it to a client considering the benefits, and despite it being more expensive than most hosting solutions, its still very affordable for small businesses. It might be different for you in Sweden though, just sharing my thoughts, hopefully others chime in with ideas

Well the cost for the client does not have to be more expense. But for the creator/agency of the page, unless he does not have a lot of webpages. I don’t make enough pages to go for a pro account yet.

I totally agree, i see the benefits for me as a designer. Its a killer tool for me. But can’t really see what benefits the customer would achieve comparing to other solutions. If you could give me those I´d would be really grateful! Thats is just the issue. Mostly they compare with regular hosting and a Wordpress solution.

Clients benefits are the following:
instant updates/changes on his website. ( you can literally add a section in minutes) half an hour a full page.
they can easily edit content themselves with the editor if they have a marketing/branding department peeps that keep website fresh. or you could do that job for them
Yes, it’s more expensive the hosting on webflow, but have you considered how much time it takes for a developer to code that change, or how much they charge for each change?
There’s tons of ways on how you can pitch this to your client to undersdant the benefits. You have a global CDN, which means site gets quickly loaded wherever country website gets accessed from.
Always think of time they are saving by using this instead of crappy css coding and wordpress templates. yesterday i found on a website, recaptcha v1, couldn’t send a bloody hell contact form. so i called the webdev to let him know. list can continue.

In short, it all resumes to the time you’re saving for them. I finished a website in 3 days (landing page+ few pages with content) for a client (startup business), and he was so happy and impressed with the speed i delivered. They wanted to look legit, online presence with their business as well as they needed approval from the government for their claims so when i had to do small content changes based on the government feedback, took me literally 5 min to publish and changes to be live on the page. Charged them 1 grand for the website, started with a free template but ended up creating a custom webpage for them.

Believe me, when client sees how much time they saving ( time is money) they will not even care for that 20-30-50 bucks per month. They spend on parking in a week that money.

Also you should include your costs in invoice from beginning ( stock images, hosting…etc) Don’t be afraid, others charge 2-10 grand for a website.