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How to purchase a webflow account upgrade without using a pyhsical card

So, i am very new to Webflow and since i am not 18+ yet, i wasn’t able to purchase any subscriptions cause i am not old enough for a credit card yet, and in my country (The Netherlands) debit cards use IBAN and not the typical visa or mastercard layout.

Ive been looking for helpful tutorials on the internet, but no one yet clearly specified which prepaid cards works well with Webflow.

I recommend using

It has over 60+ payment methods to buy the cards with. You redeem them on a site, where you submit your personal info, and literally the same minute u receive your card info.

This is by no means the best solution, since this is a big hassle for clients. But, if you just want to check out the Lite or Pro functions, or use it for your personal sites, this may be the best option if credit cards arent available for you.