How to both receive info from a form and send a confirmation email?

Hey all!

I created a form in Webflow that collects info from clients.
When the client submits the form, it sends me an email with all the info they filled out.

I wanted to also send the client an automatic email confirming that their form has been received.

I set up MailChimp to send an email once the email is received, but now I no longer get an email with the info of their form.

How can I facilitate both receiving the form info and sending confirmation from forms in Webflow?

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Hi! Im having same problem. Did you find answer to it?

Hey @I3ecca & @MacarenaAstorini !

You can likely do it with your email tool (like Mailchimp) or you can do it with Zapier. It depends on how you have your forms set up.

If you are using an embed from an email tool, then you have to configure sending a confirmation email within the tool. Webflow never actually sees the form submission in this case. Here’s some info on Mail Chimps double opt in (i.e. submission confirmation) :point_right: About Double Opt-In.

If you are using Webflow forms, then I would suggest using a Webflow → Gmail Zap. This will allow you to configure a confirmation email once someone submits a Webflow Form.

Let me know if that helps!