Confirmation email sent to customer on form submission

I’m new to Webflow and website development in general. I need to set up an action whereby the user receives a confirmation email saying that the company has received their enquiry and that they will get back to them within x many hours/days. From what I understand the only way to do this would be to setup third party integrations like Zapier + Mailerlite or Mailchimp, am I right? My concern is that these are all additional costly subscription services that my client will need to pay for. At this point in time they don’t need a full on email marketing solution so I feel like it’s going to be a lot harder to sell this cost on to them. Are there any other ‘no-code’ ways to achieve this action? Any advice or guidance (in layman’s terms) would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @careyslade,

I had the same issue, years ago while working on a website for a theater. They needed a confirmation email for each of their user after they’ve completed the reservation form.

“Unfortunately”, the only solution I found to bypass Zapier and other costly subscription was to code a PHP snipet that would capture the data, send it over a server that I had to rent (3$/month or so) and hook it up with an SMTP client (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to then send a confirmation email back to the client (using Gmail as it is free but you could also use sendGrid to use your own custom email address but cost 14$/mo if you over-reach 100 emails/month). All of it implies some custom code, yes. To my knowledge, there is no “no-code” method yet to powert up
email confirmation.