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Forms: Solution for using GET and POST together?


When someone submits a form on my site, I’d like to receive the auto-email to myself from Webflow (GET) and also add the information to MailChimp (POST) to send them a welcome email.

I have successfully set up the POST method by adding the Action URL and it began working perfectly in MailChimp, however, I stopped receiving the auto-email from Webflow notifying me that someone inquired since the GET method is no longer selected.

Any ideas on how to receive an immediate email to myself informing me someone inquired while also having the form set to POST?


Hi @marcmclendon welcome!

You can’t use both a GET and POST request for any forms action, that’s not a limitation of Webflow, just an internet standard.

For your specific case… When you manually add a url to the forms action, you are overriding Webflow’s default behavior to send you (to your Webflow account email address) a notification. So that now stops.

This is why you are seeing success with MailChimp but no notifications about it to your own email.

To fix this you can use a “glue service” like Zapier or Integromat. You have those services receive your form submission and then you can send it off to MailChimp but also tell that glue service to email you.

Appreciate it! I will look into Zapier, sounds like it is exactly what I need.

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