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How to autorespond to form submitter

I know that Webflow will auto-respond to the e-mail address I provide in the Project Settings > Forms > Send form submissions to: field, but how do I make it such that the person who made the submission gets an auto-response?

I know that this requires either a third-party form builder or an app linked via Zapier. Has anyone done this and which apps did you use? Thanks!


You’ll definitely need something like Zapier for this, that said, it’s fairly simple.

  1. Create a new Zapier zap
  2. Have it trigger on a Webflow form submission
  3. Add a step to send this out to an email service (ex: MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc…)
  4. Have the mail service auto-respond

This will also keep the email sent via Project Settings going to your inbox, if you don’t want that, just blank out the field with your email in it.