Autoreply for webflow form submission

I want to set auto reply for form submission in webflow. please help me know how to do this?


Good news! There are a lot of options! @web_crazy

I would suggest using Zapier or Just a Mailchimp form connected to a List that automatically send a Welcome email. Mailchimp just released an update allows automation across all plans, even the free account.

Zapier makes it easy to push data from a Webflow form to anywhere, check it out:

Thanks for your reply Scott_Van_Zandt . …
can i use MailChimp free service for this ?

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Yes you should be able too. The problem is they limit your LIST size… to like 50 or something.

any tutorial/video to see how mailchimp works with webflow for customised auto replies? its urgent.

@web_crazy ll you need to do is create a Mailchimp account & a Zapier account.

Make a Webflow form and Label it something memorable.
Customize each input field & name.

Go to Zapier.

Make a Zap with Webflow as the trigger and Mailchimp as the second action.

Everything else is pretty straight forward!

thanks! will try to work out :slight_smile:

@Scott_Van_Zandt . . . customised message worked. i want to add user groups from my webflow form chkeckbox click to mailchimp list. how can i do that? please check my form for refrence.

@pauloram . . . i have gone through then solution you gave in past in this forum

Will this work same for checkboxes instead of radio buttons? how? TIA.

@Scott_Van_Zandt I have 2 forms on my “Sign-up” page. I followed your cool advice and linked Zapier to send an auto-response email, and it works great – with one of my forms (the one on the right), but not the other.

Question: Am I right, that:
(1) the name of the form (that Zapier picks up) is in the Webflow SIGNUP FORM element / FORM SETTINGS / FORM NAME?
(2) And that I would need two different Form Names and two separate Zaps?

The reason I ask, is that Zapier is seeing only the choice of “Email Form” as a form name. I tried changing the Form Name in Webflow of the left-side element to another name (“Email Form PO”) and republished, but Zapier then didn’t see it.

Your help is appreciated.

Yes Chuck, I would reccomend switching up your form names, and give zapier some time to pick up the changes once you’ve made them, it can take a little bit to propagate. I typically create a new zap for each data transfer/form (depending on what I need to achieve)

Pm me with any questions or If you need help :slight_smile:

This was golden! I followed your advice and both forms’ auto-responder-emails are now working perfectly. Thank you for being so helpful.

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@chuckPhipps anytime!! Happy I could help :slight_smile:

Happy Designing!

I have a different solution. If you are using google gsuite you can create a group and have the submission be passed to group


Is there a way to send a followup reply that’s a little delayed e.g. 15mins instead of instantly/1 day later?