How to add e-commerce functions to a static website

Hey, I am working on a new website for my company. The website is a web-store, in the sense that it shows our product offering, and you should be able make an order via the website. But since we sell to other companies, the customer doesn’t pay for their order with the credit card. Rather we send an invoice alongside with the finished product to the client.
Hence why we can not really use the native e-commerce option as it has only one payment option which isn’t compatible with our business model.
The website will be hosted by a third party, due to the fact that we are located outside of the US. And hosting it with an American company would hurt the loading time. So it will be a static website either way.
I was thinking of using a form as a “offer request”, but I’d need a system where the customer can add multiple items to their request, kind of like a shopping cart. I don’t really know how to make this work, and any help with the matter is greatly appreciated.

YT. Pekka E. Laurila

It sounds like you are want a shopping cart system with a pay by invoice option. Is that what you mean? Alternatively you might be able to use a form with your product offerings as options in the form.

Yea that’s basically what I am looking for, it shouldn’t even have a payment option since we give the full product price after the order has been made. Since there’s things which we will add onto the invoice, like transportation and possible installation etc. (we sell street signs, and other sign related products, so our clients are mainly municipalities and other businesses.)

If you really think you need the cart functionality for your workflow then perhaps a solution like snipcart ( might work for you. Otherwise I think an order form may be suitable depending on the level of detail you require.

Thanks for the help! I’ll look into that.

An order form is also good, but I’d need a functionality to add more than one product to the order. Currently I have two buttons, one to make an order, and one which adds the product to a offer request form. Obviously they aren’t functional, because I haven’t been able to figure out anything that works.