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How to access backups

I need to access a backup. The help documentation does not agree with what I see on screen. I need to restore to some earlier state of the site. Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @johnboak

Here is how to preview and restore a backup version.
You can bring an older version of your project to life by clicking on “restore”.

  • Open any Project settings
  • Go to the Versions tab
  • Click Preview to ensure you’re restoring the correct version
  • Then go back to the Versions tab and click Restore to bring the version back to life

Hope that helps. If you’re seeing something different in your project settings, please upload a screenshot. Thanks.

“Open any Project settings”.

That is my dashboard. The kind of screen you showed above bears no relationship to what I can find. I also went into the editor and looked at settings for that project. There is nothing there. Clearly I have no idea how to get to the screen you showed above. Is it possible for YOU to restore to an earlier state? Any time before 9/25/18 would save us a lot of grief. I am desperate to figure out how to restore the site to an earlier state. Thanks

Click on the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of your project card!
Then Settings and you’ll be able to access backups.

I just found the screen with the backups. But it will not let me back up. Presumably because Augie has not signed up for paid plan.

. Let me know if this is true. I have already told Augie (the account holder) to go sign up for a paid plan.
PS: when explaining that the user should go to “project settings” it is not at all clear where to find that. Here is what I would suggest: “Go into your project. Click the Webflow ‘W’ in the upper-left corner. The second link is ‘Project Settings’. Click that.”

So with the free plan you can only access the last 2 backups. You can have unlimited backups with any paid plans.

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Thanks @donaldsv for jumping into the conversation.

@johnboak It is also possible to go straight to the project settings from the Designer and Editor.

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Thanks. You have been very helpful. I have been logged in and have actually retrieved backups. But something very strange is going on. The first backup I made was probably on Wednesday of this week. I viewed the site and it looked like it was restored properly. But later when Augie, who owns this site and account, saw it and the site was not restored. I am now on vacation and have been pulled back in to try to solve this. I just went in and did two restores from 2 months and 4 months ago. But what I am seeing is not the site as it existed then. It is the site as it existed Tuesday of this week (9/25/18). Now, I do know that Augie claims he upgraded his account; I believed he did because I saw the restored site once. But neither of us can see it now. And the backup function makes no difference in the site. Can you help us get the site restored to what it was last week or last month? I would like to return to being on vacation and Augie needs his site. I am grateful for any help you can offer.

Hi. I am guessing you are very busy, it being Monday.
How long might it take to get some help with my request of three days ago?
Thank for you consideration of my problem.

Hey @johnboak

We, on the forum, are not able to see or have any information about your site’s backups from the read-only link. Please contact directly with this issue. Hope you are to get it resolved.

Hi Matthew. I emailed support yesterday morning. I have had no reply from them. How long does it usually take to get a reply?