How much Paypal charges?


Does anybody know how much paypal charges after a transaction in webflow? I was looking at this but I couldn’t figure it out. I can see there are 3 options but I don’t know which one webflow uses. Also the transactions would be made in Hungary and I saw something on paypal’s website this might cost extra as well.
Can someone help me please and explain it simply how it works because it seems like I’m just too dumb to understand what’s on paypal’s website.

Hi @redcookiebox,

Transaction Fees and Payment Processor Fees

The total sales and average order value shown in the order manager are after any Webflow fees and payment processing fees have been taken out.

Webflow does charge a 2% transaction fee on any sites within a Standard Ecommerce site plan. The Plus and Advanced Ecommerce site plans do not charge a 2% transaction fee.

There are also payment processor fees associated with each purchase.

Here is how revenue from a sale is calculated within a Plus Ecommerce site plan:

Net Revenue = Order Total with Taxes - (Order Total with Taxes * .029 for Stripe) - (0.30 for Stripe)

Using this formula a $1 sale would look like this:

1 - (1*.029) - (.30) = .67

PayPal fees are the same as Stripe - (2.9% + .30) per sale.

Stripe fees may vary depending on the country. More information can be found here:

HUF (Hungarian Forint) Currency and PayPal

PayPal handles decimals differently than Stripe and this causes products in the HUF currency to be multiplied by 100. After extensive research, we realized that we needed to change the way we’re sending HUF amounts to PayPal that requires a non-trivial amount of work. Unfortunately, this means we’ve stopped supporting the HUF currency on PayPal for the time being. We anticipate being able to address this in the next few months.

I can’t provide a timeline for when a fix will be available, but someone from the team will reach back out as soon as we know more.

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Thank you! It would be good to now when is it going to be fixed. It’s sad because I totally sold webflow to my client and he chose this over shopify but now we have to build the site there :slightly_frowning_face: