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Webflow/Stripe ecommerce: Hidden costs?


A quick question: Are there any hidden costs associated with Webflow ecommerce that are external?
Example) The stripe charges of 2.9% + 30cents.

I originally made the mistake of quoting your ecommerce prices as the final prices. Any feedback regarding further price integrations (webflow: paypal, g/applepay, stripe: sofort, iDeal etc) that I may have missed I would like to hear about.

Thank you!

Hey @kivexnz

Currently only Stripe is supported as a payment gateway, however this does allow for Apple Pay & Web Payments to be enabled in an ecommerce site. Here’s how you can enable this:

PayPal is currently in development.

If there are any other providers that you’d like to see, please go to the wish list and vote for them or create a new wish list item if it’s not there already.

Hope this helps.