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Payment Gateway fees


I have few questions.

  1. What is the payment gateway transaction fees in webflow?
  2. How can I start many store sites from my company as developer?
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Hey @Sudipto

You an find information about pricing here >

I can’t understand your second question. Can you explain?

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  1. for eCommerce Advanced plan – if a customer pays $100 for a product, what is my transaction fee as a merchant? What gateway do you use for payment?
  2. As a developer can I have a pro- account spin off 10+ store sites?
  3. Can I get api to get all the orders and inventories and make my own admin site?
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there are many others payments gateways now a days, you can check here more than 200 different payment gateways for e-commerce. with reviews and pricing.

Yes there are many, but Webflow uses Stripe . They are planning to add more in the future.

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1 I think that on advanced plan you will be charged only from stripe. Some info here >

Webflow uses Stripe as a gateway

2 If you are on a pro account plan you have unlimited projects. See more here >

Project limit description > Projects are unhosted sites you build in Webflow. You can publish them to a subdomain to share as prototypes, or add a site plan to go live on a custom domain.

3 Not sure about api. Maybe these guys can help @webdev @vincent

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What is “site plan” to go live on a custom domain? Do we need Site plan and ecommerce plan together?

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Site plan means hosting. You have basic hosting, CMS hosting, business hosting, ecommerce standard hosting, ecommerce plus hosting and ecommerce advanced hosting.