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Add fee for paypal

Hi Webflow,

I have a client who doesnt like the processing fee of paypal. He would like to have to put part of this fee as an extra on top of the product price.

How can I do this in webflow e commerce?

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Just raise the price of everything by the paypal fee (what’s that, %2.9 or so?). You client does understand that paypal fees are a tax-deductible cost, right?

Hi Sarah, thanks for responding so fast. Thats lovely.

I will inform him about the tax deductible.

Well, we can’t raise the prices, because we actually want to discourage people from using Paypal and using Stripe, the other payment option on the platform. So we would like to just put more money on the paypal option. Is that possible?

ah, I see. No that’s not possible. You do need to pay a stripe fee as well and there’s a 2% processing fee on webflow’s end.

All right, super clear. Thanks.

I appreciate you haven’t asked for this opinion so apologies for soapboxing, but from a User Experience perspective, if I were a potential customer shopping on your site, I would be pretty annoyed if my preferred (and widely used) method of payment attracted a surcharge.

Unless it was an item I had to buy from your store, I guarantee that I would exit the site and shop elsewhere. So rather than saving 1% in payment fees, you’ve just lost 100% of a sale.

That’s just my personal, unasked-for opinion of course, but something for your client to consider if they are trying to save 1 or 2 % in payment processing fees.


My experience is different. Once I am in the payment funnel I always just opt in and buy.

I did communicate with my client that he should look into this. And make the best decision for the customer.

He is in service industry where there aren’t that much comparable products.

Thanks for your advuice

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