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How much does it cost to remove the "Built with webflow" badge?


So I am new to Webflow and a beginner developer.

I am building a site and obviously will want to remove the built with webflow thing in the bottom right of the screen.

What is the minimum package to be able to remove this? I am unsure but I think it is professional at $35 per month? This seems high to me?


Hi @scottyboy8 Welcome to the community! :smiley:

That is a good question.

The minimum price to remove the badge is $15/month. This is when you have a Starter (free) account plan, but add-on a basic hosting subscription to your Webflow site.

For more information on how to add-on a hosting subscrpition, please refer to this article:

hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks PixelGeek, that helps a lot :slight_smile:

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