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Total Pricing Costs

Just want to make sure I have my numbers right when it comes to pricing out individual site costs.

Personal Plan - $20/month

CMS Hosting Per Site - $10/month

White Label Per Site - $10/month

1 Collaborator - $6/month

So all in, it’s $46 a month? Then for each client I create a site for, it’s +$26 a month?

Just wanted to correct you, if you are looking at Webflow for longterm [which you probably are] you would pay $16/mo if you subscribe to the yearly plan. :grinning:

It’s not a correction. I’m not paying yearly.

Why not? With all the features you are paying for it seems a yearly plan would be more logical for you. :wink:

CMS Hosting comes with one collaborator. Every extra one after that is $6.

So it would be a base of $20, and $20 for each CMS site that you launch with whitelabel.


Thanks for making that clear to everyone. Maybe that should be added in caps to the announcement page so people don’t think it’s a switcheroo.

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Personal Plan - $20/month
CMS Hosting (+1 collaborator) Per Site - $10/month
White Label Per Site - $10/month

total = $40/month


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