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Method of providing service to clients

Ok, Graphic Designer, Animator, Modeler and IT specialist. I’ve filled every role and love them all [some more than others] . So I found webflow, gave it a go and liked its UI. I have basic coding skill [Ruby,Javs and c++] but really dont like code. I am more of a visionary. So, I’m preparing to open a startup and curious if I could add a web development department using strictly webflow. If so, does buying the enterprise or professional webflow package allow me to create and maintain several client sites? Or does each client have to buy a package? I’m unclear on this.

Last year, I started moving clients toward using Webflow. You can find the pricing and number of projects allowed here Basically, on a Pro Plan you could have 50 projects/sites and manage them all under the one account. You would of course have to pay $5/site for basic hosting or $10/site for CMS hosting…and that can be setup per site so you might have 50% of your sites on CMS and the rest on the basic. Hosting for Webflow sites is on AWS and uses Fastly and Amazon CloudFront for CDN

In my opinion, Webflow is particular well suited to many sizes of businesses and is expanding it’s functionality quite steadily.

So the only expense is the 5 dollar a month hosting fee to webflow? Some potential customers of mine have absolutely no tech skills and want nothing to do with the site, I take it I will be in charge of adding and removing stuff when they wish… is that the general flow of work for site admins? And charge a small maintenance monthly fee?

you can add a content editor to help with that:

And your monthly Webflow fee…unless you are using the starter plan then there is no monthly fee but the hosting is $15/month or $20/month for CMS

Thanks for the answers guys. Very informative!

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