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How many hours does it take for a beginner to build a website like this

Hello everyone!
I am a very beginner in Webflow and I want to make a website(a website introducing a community ) for someone. Can someone tell me how long does it realistically take for a beginner to make a website like those?:
Thank you and have a nice day!

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Hi there,

I would be glad to assist you.
PM sent please check it.


Hi @Ahad ,

It’s difficult to give an estimate without a deep dive in those websites, but they are both fairly big.
Depending if you have the design ready or not, you’ll need a few weeks to get this done as a beginner I guess…



Hi there! Site’s like this, with dozens of pages, etc. I’d plan for 12 - 16 weeks easily, unless you bought a template and copy pasted the content. With a template you may cut it down to 8. This would not be an easy build for sure. Hope that helps.

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I think you just need to allow yourself as much time as it’s needed and not try to beat yourself up if you’re not as fast as you thought you’d be, Everyone has their own time frame. I mean don get me wrong, it’s useful to know how much time you should allocate for a project, but don’t let that rush the process. You can use webflow if that’s the program you’re more comfortable with because it has some really nice tools, I’ve worked with it myself in the past, hence I have this account, but lately, I’ve gotten a lot more use out of and it’s even a bit faster in my opinion if that’s something you look for.

Hi Ahad,

How is your project going?


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