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New to webflow - some advice pls

Hello all, i’m new to the community. I have no developer experience. Roughly how long would it take me to get up to speed and learning Webflow to build something like this

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@thechrisgr have you got any webdesign experience? Any design background? If you’re starting from total scratch, it’s hard to say but a month or more.
This all depends on how quickly you’ll pick everything up. The website you linked to is beautiful but also very very advanced. I’d say the team at finsweet took some time to build this too, and they do this for a living!
I’d start with going through the webflow university,, get yourself a free account, familiarize yourself with webdesign concepts and start to build the components shown in the university videos. Then see if you’re up for building something like this.
Also, there’s nothing wrong with getting a template and putting up a simpler design.

I would agree! This site is fairly advanced. I would say 3 months easily.

Ahh, my favorite site - Finsweet! To the people that are saying only a couple months… If that’s the case then you are all about to take my job!

Not only is this website rich in animation, functionality, as well as custom code, but also excellent design and visuals that are carefully considered and tie the site together. That’s not something that you learn in just a couple months. It takes years to build your craft.

Now, if we’re talking simply about Webflow knowledge and usability, I believe that after a couple of months of extensive practice in Webflow, you might be able to create a similar result. There’s a ton of page load animations, scroll interactions, hover states, mouse move over element triggers, and more all going on at once. Not to mention the custom code for things like gradient text and form pricing calculators.

I’m not saying it’s not possible. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t overlook years of design and UI/UX experience.


Hello @thechrisgr,

I totally agree with @Hunter_Reynolds, the Finsweet website is not only advance, it is the result of many hours of collaboration between designers and developers. I mean depending how much time you devote to learn not just webflow but the fundamentals of web design it could take you many months.
Now, like @sarahfrison mentioned, if you go through all the courses of webflow university you could be designing really cool websites in a matter of weeks. I would advice you to subscribe and watch the @PixelGeek youtube channel, it has a ton of really good content on how to achieve greatness with webflow. Another good resource to learn, in my opinion, is to visit this forum regularly. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Well put, Pablo! I mean, there’s a reason that Finsweet is a Webflow Partner and model website haha. But hey, with enough practice there’s no telling what you can create!

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Exactly @Hunter_Reynolds,

that reminds me of another good resource, the Finsweet youtube channel, it has really cool java script implementations for webflow sites. Also, @Finsweet has a website full of free lottie animations ready to use for webflow projects

@thechrisgr @sarahfrison @garymichael1313 @Hunter_Reynolds @Pablo_Cortes Thank you all for the really awesome words!

Welcome to the community! It’s certainly not an easy website to build and I wouldn’t start your learning with building this type of site in mind. 3.5 years ago, I got started by buying templates from Webflow and cloning existing projects. Play around with them, figure out how the designers/developers built those sites, and start learning. Understanding the building blocks of html, css, and javascript is absolutely crucial in creating something unique. Practice, practice, practice. It could take 3 months, 6 months, 12 months until you build something you are truly happy with. Everyone is different. Took me 2-3 months to create something I was proud of from scratch. Took me 12+ months to create something that I could sell for a decent amount of money. Keep pushing forward and you’ll only get better with hard work and motivation took 5-6 months to build and tweak until we were really happy with it. It had a team of 3 people working on it - designer, dev/animator, and project manager! We had a talented perfectionist working on it, which made it take longer than expected… but totally worth the extra time!


I do want to clarify and say I didn’t mean the ts could build this exact site within a month. I meant along the lines of, ‘if you apply yourself, you could get something decent up and running within a month’. Just to clarify :slight_smile:

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