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I switched a site over from Shopify(which has been super awesome hosting and customer service) to Webflow. It has been 24 hours and nothing. They generally state it takes 24 to 48 hours, however I have worked with many platforms and in most cases it takes less than an hour or two…the max maybe 4 hours. Has anyone had experience with Webflow hosting? It is already a bit troubling I cannot speak with a live person. Go Daddy mentioned everything on their end was ok but I cant tell if its ok on Webflow end… anyone host with Webflow? Thoughts?

What is the issue that you are having?

I just cannot tell if there is an issue or not… I do not want to wait 2 days to know if something was not linked correctly… and as stated it usually only takes a few hours on other platforms (Shopify, Squarespace, Wix)

Well I have various sites hosted in Webflow and I haven’t had any issues, at list not on Webflow’s end.

If you follow this steps it is very simple:

Does it actually take 24 to 48 hours for your sites to show up? That is my question. Other platforms I work with take a few hours…so that is where my concern is…

Oh, no it is a matter of couple of minutes. I have never experienced a delay that long.

ok that is my concern it has been 24 hours and still the page looks like this

Go Daddy said everything was ok on their end…

Can you share your domain settings on WF?

If you mind doing it here, you can PM me.

Where can I PM you? Thanks again

Are you sure your DNS Zone records are pointing at Webflow? Does not look like it to me. (I am assuming that GoDaddy is your DNS - would need to be set there)

Yes I pointed everything to webflow. I just noticed that the word proxy was spelled wrong. A go daddy rep did that on their end …and I corrected…thinking that may have been the issue.

Hi @dreamer, I just took a look at the public dns lookup and the dns records look good.

I would recommend to set on of the domains in the hosting tab of site settings, to be the default domain:

Next, republish your site:

I hope this helps!

Thank YOU!!! I appreciate your assistance! New here and still learning Webflow!

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