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How i do (expand to see more)?

Hi! Im new in webflow, i dont know how to do thats effect…
need help please !!! need tutorial !!! THANKS !!!

Hi @diegokenji

Have you taken a look at all the great tutorials available through Webflow?

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yes thanks but i dont see that tuto, i need to have a pay user for use that effect ???

Here is a tutorial explaining interactions generally

And here is a tutorial on show hide buttons

Davidn thanks but in this tutorial

i dont see same menu, i see diferent option… why ?!

the menu “interactions” i dont see thats…

I forget that some of the videos still have the old UI.
The interactions are under the far right tab of the panel on the right of the editor.

Here is an up to date tutorial on the Webflow User Interface.

ohhh you are my hero ! i love you man !!! thanks a lot !!!