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Detailed Steps for Working with Interactions

Hi! If anyone knows of any helpful and up-to-date tutorials for working with interactions, I’d love to hear about them. Maybe someone’s put something together recently…


(And, yes, I’ve watched the tutorials that are available, and they are outdated. And, yes, I can figure it out with a lot of trial and error, and I’d rather not have to. :wink:)

Thank you!


Id like this aswell… i just know the slide in and fades. Id like to know what other possibilities there are with the other types and in combo.

I don’t think anything has really changed in interactions from when the videos were made. If you can be more specific on what your needs are, maybe we can point you in the right direction.

Try this link and see if it helps, its not a tutorial but its something.

Hi @tkister I made these videos. Do these help?

There are differences between the UI in the tutorials and the current Webflow UI.

I think it’s really hard, when you’re good at using something, to see it through the eyes of a newbie. The differences in the UI between the tutorials and the current UI mean that a newbie can’t follow along step-by-step.

I’d still like the tutorials, but I asked for more specific help here: Fade in and Move Up, and DharmaNode provided a very helpful video. :grinning:

PixelGeek: They are good videos :grinning:, but the differences in the UI are too confusing for a total newbie. Well, for me at least. :eyeglasses:

I thought this would be simple, but, according to the tutorial that DharmaNode shared, it involves almost 30 steps. I’m sure once I understand more it won’t seem to complicated. :grinning:

Thanks for the response!

Actualy, when the new Webflow Interactions UI was just released I was only in the middle of the tutorials for Interactions [meaning I was a newbie] and everything changed. It was hard at first but in about a couple of hours I got used to it and it wasnt so difficult anymore. But I think that is just based on your own skill level of getting used to things and so forth. :grinning:

The videos are fairly recent and the UI for the interactions haven’t changed since I made those videos. Can you show me the differences?

No problem! :grinning:






Also posted here: Interactions Tutorials?

OOOO… yes yes. The 3D transforms were not live yet when I first recorded. Thanks for that. We moved everything to the “+” button.

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Just FYI, as a newbie, it’s also confusing that you sometimes click a wrench icon and sometimes you don’t. In all three cases shown here, you click to make changes.

In the top one, you have to click the wrench icon.

In the second one, you can click either the wrench icon or the name.

In the third one, there is no wrench icon, and you have to click the name.

Just for future reference…


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The entire difference is just based on the 3d transform options. You simply have to click into them and choose the x or y axis. I personally find the new UI to be easier to understand than the old one. I don’t think it’s different enough to warrant new videos, instead just watching the videos about the 3d transform options should fill in the blanks.

I think the issue is more with understanding webflow completely before even trying interactions. When I started, theres no way I’d be ready for interactions before I fully understood the rest of what webflow does, let alone learning the correct structure and right way to do things based on all the videos that are available. I still suggest going through all the regular videos, learning html structure and getting familiar with Webflow as a whole before jumping into interactions because they can be very very confusing. Even for someone like me who’s been working in webflow for years now, sometimes I get stuck on interactions and go back to the interactions page for guidance.


Sometimes you got to just try the new interface. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s what the undo button is for.