Cant find interaction

Cant find how they did the interactions for this site that is made by webflow folks:

How do they make everything nicely move in, i just can’t seem to find it in the designer.

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Hello there @bnanista

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There are alot of tutorials on youtube about webflow, i really suggest watching them.

specific for page load interaction / animation :

Hope this helps,


yes, i have watched those for sure, make total sense.
but on the site you provide, there are no interactions created.

On the interactions panel, click on the “legacy interactions” switch.

boom, you just blew my mind.

super thanks, i have not seen that used in any tutorials.


That’s because Legacy has been replaced by Interactions 2.0 which loads on the designer by default in the interactions panel. There is nothing that Legacy Interactions will do, that you can’t do with IX 2.0.

Using IX 2.0 is easier in the long run, and worth learning, for if or when Legacy is phased out entirely. Mixing the interactions from both Legacy and IX 2.0 can cause bugs.

Hope that made sense!