How far can I strech webflow

I`m stuck trying to figure out if the website I want to build is possible using Webflow. I want to build a website that allows students to connect with other students who can tutor. From the student side, they should be able to enter the home page, select university, area of study (say math), and class (say principles of algebra). From the tutor side, they should be able to fill out a form of a class they would want to tutor. In the form, they should choose university (say NYU) and area (say Math). For the class, they should be able to choose from the existing classes and if the class doesn’t appear in the existing ones (say intermediate algebra), he should be able to add it.

I know that it may sound a bit complicated. I have been researching with Zapier and fin sweet but I cant figure it out and Im going crazy. I really dont want to leave Webflow. Please help me!!!

If it helps to understand this mess, I hired a developer to make but it didn’t turn out as I wanted it.

Hi @David_Shrem,

Webflow alone will not be enough, for now.
You may want to wait Webflow user system but we lack data on what features the system will have and when such system will be available. Vlad did let us know a bit about ETA in a last post.

There’s that will come with a backend tool for Webflow.

These days, the only workflow I see that would correspond to your idea is the one showcased in this blog article:
Which requires Memberstack, Zapier and Jetboost.

Definitely doable using external tools that link in to Webflow. I have a similar mechanism running (different concept but the principles are the same) using Zapier/Integromat to act as the “glue”, Memberstack to gate content and Airtable to act as a database.

Once you grasp the concepts (likely to take a least a week or two if you’re new to it) it’s actually fairly logical.

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