Webflow capabilities for creating membership site for students learning a course and completing assignments

I am looking to create a website infrastructure, with two different types of membership and interfaces for professors and students. Professors would need the ability to assign specific tasks/assignments/quizzes, and see grades for each student who completes the assignment. Is this possible within webflow? If so, are there any good resources for how to learn how to build a site like this?

Hi @Nathan_Bennett :wave: welcome.


There are several solutions out there right now. The two that I’ve used most are Webflow Memberships (with their Logic feature) and Memberstack.

The first one, Webflow’s native solution is still in Beta and some of the features you’re mentioning would take some good effort, today.

The second option would be the best choice if you were planning on building this immediately. Memberstack is more mature and very flexible.


I’ve got a ton of tutorials and screencasts, many of them walking through builds with both of those solutions: https://nocodequest.com

Here are a few examples…

A screencast using Webflow + Memberstack to:

A screencast walking through Webflow + Memberstack to:

A tutorial diving deep into using:

A tutorial walking through:

Dig around… loads more to discover.


Hi @Nathan_Bennett

Just chiming in here with some thoughts - disclaimer, I work from Memberstack so that’d be where I can be the most helpful. @ChrisDrit summary above is great (the linked tutorial is definitely how I’d start with this myself).

However, that looks like it’s best suited for a single course (more like a MOOC kind of thing) and not a fully integrated teacher-student dashboard. Memberstack just released a bunch of new updates, and I think some of them will help a lot with the

Generally, it seems like you need a two-sided platform – one side: students that can be assigned and submit assignment and the other: teachers who can assign and grade assignments. It looks like the tutorial above is trying to avoid using another third-party backend service (like Airtable), but I think for your purposes that would not be a good idea. Here is an example of what I think would work better.

You’ll need to figure out:

  • formatting and hosting for assignments
  • restrictions on what students/teachers can see
  • teacher dashboard (can every teacher see all the grades or just those for their student?)
  • assignment submission (a Webflow form with an upload? third-party upload?)

Once you’ve figured those things out, Memberstack offers ways that you could gate specific content based on what you want. That could mean certain pages (maybe pages linked to student information in Airtable) will only be available to specific teachers. For example, creating “teacher”, “student”, and “admin” membership levels could mean that only students can just see assignments, teachers can upload and track assignemnts, and admins can see everything (maybe stats about teachers, etc.).

It’s hard to design this site without knowing more specifics, but I think the best way to start would just be to get a schematic together (what do you need to do). Once you do that, there will almost definitely be no-code solutions that can help piece the whole thing together.

Let me know if you have any questions/if I don’t completely understand your question.