Embed Zoom & Calendly in a Users Dashboard


I’m a freelance developer mainly using Django and Shopify for clients.

This new client I just closed needs an eLearning Platform done in 2 weeks(required by the department of education) and Webflow immediately popped in my mind.

My questions are:

Is there a way to embed zoom into the Teachers Dashboard that will show in the Students’ dashboard? And can calendly be used to create the schedule of classes of students where the created zoom link for the class will be posted?

Is this doable?

Definitely is doable. You would need to use memberstack.io, zapier or integromat, and possible airtable to implement something like this and I don’t know about those 2 weeks of developing time but hey everyone is different and you might be able to pull something like that in that period of time.


If the workflow needed is calendly schedule → zoom → calendly (to show on the students’ dashborad), will it be better if we do it in zapier or integromat?

Also, why would you think the development needs more than 2 weeks?

Would like to understand the integration from your perspective.

In my opinion Integromat gives you more control and more options when handling Webflow data.

Just my opinion, time is relative to each individual I suppose.

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