How do you style each elements individually in Rich Text elements?


I am trying to style each blog posts using rich text elements.

  1. I understand that you need to create individual pages in order to style data but
    what if each blog post has different formats(i.e. one post has headings aligned to middle but another has headings aligned to left)?

  2. How do you style individual elements within rich text element(i.e. how do you have one paragraph in the middle and the other on the side in the same post)?

I`ve made a rich text element page but cant figure out how you can apply styling to separate paragraphs as it seems that you can apply styles to only one paragraph element. inseparable.

Read only link:

Hi Jose, Webflow Rich Text fields can only be styled via a class and nested classes and that class would need to be assigned to the element in your template. So this would apply to all CMS items of that template. Webflow does not support unique layouts other than using different elements on a template and conditionals to show them. So you would have to combine fields to create unique layouts and selectively display them. Unfortunatly It’s not like Gutenburg in Wordpress where the post content can contain a variety of elements with layout control unique to a post. This is an Achilles heel in Webflow. Something that often keeps client sites in Wordpress for me. You can use code embeds inside RTF’s but it is not maintainable by clients.

Finsweet created a client side tool called Sweet Text that can help improve your options when using the RTE. See Sweet Text for Webflow Rich Text by Finsweet

Hope this clears it up for you. If you have additional questions let us know.

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