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Styling Collection Text Inside Rich Text Element

I have a collection element for a blog post. The blog posts will contain dynamic content, in that sometimes I will want a header to be centered, sometimes I will want an indent on a line, etc…

I have watched the videos prescribed by other commenters. This video claims you can “style elements”, but really, all you can do is change header type. Another video shows you how to style elements for non collection items.

Say I want to center one header but not another, and that header is part of a collection blog post. How could i do that?


Here is what I mean.

The text cannot be styled in the CMS…

It can’t be styled in the Editor…

It can’t be styled in the Designer…

Anyone? I’m blocking on this

Anyone? How do I style this?

Does anyone know how to do this?

Styling rich text elements works a bit differently as you can’t just select the individual elements within the rich text field like you can with other elements in the Designer. Instead, you’ll need to do a bit of setup to either style the elements for all rich text fields, or style elements for rich text fields with a given class.

You can check out the tutorial on Webflow University if you’re still stuck, or reach back out here with your read-only link and I can walk you through getting it setup on your own project.

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Thanks for much for the explanation in your video - makes sense why I was struggling!